My dental interest was aroused when I was a patient and there have been many trips backasa
and forth to the dentist since I was a child.

And it was when I got to meet a dental technician that I understood that this was the right profession for me, so in 2000 I completely switched careers and started on the dental technician program at Karolinska Institutet.

During my studies I was also over for a period of practical training at a dental laboratory in North Carolina, USA. I did my second traineeship at Dpnova in Stockholm and that’s where I met Pernilla. Immediately after graduating in 2003, I started working at Dpnova in the porcelain department. During my time there, I was responsible for the department and later Head of Department, however I have always worked in production.

After a few years I became allergic to cobalt chrome and palladium, which resulted in me scanning and working only with full ceramic and titanium.

I really love my profession and like the craftwork and the creativity required considering the fact that no two teeth are the same.

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