Graduated from the School of Dental Technology in 1990..pernilla

Directly after graduating I got a job at Freeway Space where I was trained at PTC (Productivity Training Corporation).

I worked at Freeway Space for 10 years. After a brief spell in Spain, I applied for a job at Dpnova where I worked for 11 years as a porcelain technician to begin with but advanced to Head of Department and later I was a member of the lab management team at the Stockholm lab and during my last three years at Dpnova I was Production Manager.

I have been working with porcelain since 1990 and I still think it is the most fun and challenging thing you can do in a working day. All jobs are new challenges and helping a patient regain their previous dental status is equally satisfying every time.

For me, to enjoy my everyday life, it is a must that I continue to be inspired and to develop.
So looking for new technical solutions and product development is an interest of mine.

The future looks exciting!

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