Colour Consultation

Color consultation for you as a patient: Patient:fargtagning

Your new teeth and the end result are important to us, we would therefore like you to come to us for a color consultation. We can then discuss your wishes, expectations and together agree on what can be done.

We talk about the shape of the teeth and choose a color/shade.

After that, we take a number of photos of your teeth that we then look at when preparing your new teeth. You can also bring along a photo with what your teeth looked like before the treatment.

It is important that you do not whiten your teeth just prior to the consultation, as the color of your teeth will not have had time to stabilize. Wait for about two weeks after whitening before you come to us for a color consultation.

The visit usually takes 15-30 minutes and is painless.


Color and Shade Matching – Dentist::

We work with different color scales e.g. Vita, Chromascope and Vita 3D Master.

We prefer that the patient comes to us for a color consultation so that we can go through and discuss wishes, expectations and together agree on what can be done. We take photos and archive the color in Alma.

When the patient is not able to come for a color consultation, we recommend that you send a photo of the patient’s teeth, where you also hold up the color sample that you have chosen next to the teeth so that we have the possibility to see differences and characterizations.

We also recommend that you determine the shade of the preparation using a Natural Die/Stumpf scale from Ivoclar.

This is especially important if veneers or any other ceramic crown are to be made. This helps us with the choice of material, and provides the best end result.

We recommend that the patient comes for a color consultation no earlier than two weeks after whitening treatment, as the color of their teeth has only then begun to stabilize.

Also, keep in mind that the teeth will dry during the preparation time, the best option is therefore to select the color before you begin.

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